All MMS-427 MMS-427-1


● Quad-core Cortex-A17 up to 1.8GHz

● Mali-T764 GPU

● Dual-channel DDR3/DDR3L/LPDDR2/LPDDR3

● 4K UHD H265/H264

● BT.2020/BT.709

● H264 encoder

● TS in/CSA 2.0

● USB 2.0

Product Information

Cordis 6+ RISC processor core
7 level pipeline with branch prediction function
16K byte instruction Cache (2 way group) and 8K byte data Cache (4 way group)
Normalize, Swap instruction
Double 16 MAC, single cycle complete 32x16 operation, 4 32 bit timers, support WDT and password protection functions of a variety of unique Synochip hardware accelerators, including fingerprint algorithm accelerator (FPA), DSP floating point operation instruction and dual precision floating point co processor with MMU single chip memory, R OM:16K bytes (user is not programmable, only support boot and ISP download functions) - SRAM:128K bytes / OTP:16.25K bytes, in which 16K bytes support the run program extended storage interface, SQI: support single / double / four channel serial Flash, capacity up to 64M bytes SDC: support 8/16 bit SDRAM, capacity up to 64M words APC:2 bit selection, 15 bit address bus, and 16 bit data bus, each selection most supports the 64K byte space peripherals interface, USB 1.1 DEVICE:PHY integration, USB 1.1 HOST x2 ITU656 interface, ETH: Ethernet MAC controller, RMII interface / LCDC: maximum support for 24 bit true color screen. SC: optical CMOS sensor interface, automatic image acquisition, KBI: maximum support for 5 x 5 matrix keyboard, automatic scanning and buffeting, RTC: independent clock domain and power domain, timing wake-up function, CLKOUT x 3: system clock 1 ~ 65535 frequency output I2S x1 WGIN: Weigan input interface, support Weigan 26, 34, and 37 protocols, and user defined protocol security features - 16K bytes only execute OTP memory, protect code security - the unique serial number and other features of JTAG LOCK function - POR, PDR without reset chip and chip PLL, support dynamic frequency switching - support power off mode and RTC wake-up function

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