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Technical Advantages

The wireless charging chips developed by Celfras Semiconductor Inc. has high adaptability, high efficiency and compact design characteristics, and can meet the requirements and needs of wireless charging application and solutions for various devices in almost all market fields.

1. Certificated standards: comply with the latest WPC version of the international standard for wireless charging;

2. High energy and low consumption: the efficiency of wireless charging chip system can reach over 90%;

3. Safety assurance: the chip is equipped with a protective circuit, with multiple safety features such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection and over-heat protection;

4. Foreign body detection: integrated received power calculation to achieve FOD;

5. Low standby consumption: support apple and samsung sleep mode;

6. Fine design: the chip has minimum PCB board size and minimum external components;

7. High compatibility: support a variety of certified wireless charging devices, such as samsung, apple's mobile phone and watch;

8. Strong applicability: involve smart phone, tablet, wearable bracelet, e-cigarette, electric toothbrush, electric shaver, TWS earphone, etc.

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