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- - The core of team spirit -- synergy

Teamwork can complement each other and complement each other. Its performance is significantly better than that of individual performance. Team spirit emphasizes not only the cooperation and concerted effort in the general sense, but also the advantages of the team. The core of the team is to strengthen communication in the work, to make use of the differences in personality and ability, to achieve complementary advantages in unity and cooperation, to play a positive synergy effect and to bring the performance of "1+1>2". Therefore, the guarantee of a common goal is the complementarity of the ability of the team members to play the role of each person and focus on the process to produce synergy.

- - The highest level of team spirit - unity
The centripetal force and cohesive force of all members are the most important signs from a loose individual set to a team. Here, it is important to have a common goal and encourage all members to fight for it, but centripetal force and cohesion come from the inner motivation of the team members, from the common values.

That is, always observing discipline, not only observing the provisions of discipline, but also the spirit of discipline, is the core of all our relations.
- - Trust built through honesty makes our values play an extremely important role. 

With this trust, employees will believe us, dare to take risks, and say that a "mistake" will not destroy our future.
With this kind of trust, people do not need to testify or need to write everything down.
- - Trust among our suppliers, partners, and the government

In our foreign exchanges we will clearly demonstrate our position in a constructive way and show our apparent attitudes towards all kinds of issues.

Be dedicated
- - Sweep away the bureaucrats. 

We remain vigilant at all times and the bureaucracy of enterprises must be eradicated. Bureaucrats are depressing. Turn people down, limit people's dreams, behave slowly, self intoxication, react to customers.
- - Sluggish, even stupid.
Self confidence is the key leadership skill. It can make major initiatives and simplify communication. Self confidence simplifies people, and no one has time to complicate matters. Speed is crucial and simplification in an information based world.
- - Crucial
Cooperation without boundaries.


- - Willing to change.

If the pace of change within the enterprise is at the bottom of the speed of external transformation. So it's not far from the end. The only question is when the end of the day is coming.
We don't have to do everything for perfection. We can do more adventures. We know that everything is not possible.
If you can see your future today, then the future will be your today. Do not stop the pace of the pursuit!

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